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Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pet owner. We're here to help with everything you need.

Build a backyard pond. We'll show you how.

We have a large selection of pond fish and pond plants. Koi from 4″-18″. We also carry pond liners, prefab ponds, filters, pumps, UV sterilizers of all sizes. We also carry a complete line of chemicals and anything else you need to build and maintain a backyard pond.

Pond Fish & Plants

All types of ornamental pond fish and plants for small or large ponds.

Pond Liners & Inserts

We carry a complete section of different size pond liners and pre-fab ponds.

Pond Supplies & Pond Food

We carry a full line of pond food, filters, UV sterilizers, pond pumps of all sizes and the chemicals to keep it sparkling!

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Getting Started

What you should know before you dig a hole in your backyard.

Pond Plants

We'll help you design a beautiful backyard oasis

Design & Layout

Need design advice? Stop by and talk to one of the experts
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